Yes, unfortunately we have to put a cap on it. We can accommodate up 100 people.  Accommodation for large crowds on the route has deemed to be a problem.

ASAP – to ensure you place on the rally.

Unfortunately not. Bookings must be made and paid beforehand. Accommodation and meals need to be booked. Other logistics like stickers and goodie bags need to be paid, in order to deliver them on time.

No. Motorsport is dangerous and we do not want to put any child at risk. Ages 16 – 102 are welcome

Buy a map or ask a local – you might just make a new friend! We could tell you everything you need to know about all the towns and roads to ensure you have a safe, uncomplicated journey. But if it’s not dangerous and you aren’t lost, you’re not on an adventure.

What if it doesn’t?

Why would you want to? The idea is to rely on your instincts and move away from modern technology.  Spend time around the fire chatting – not chatting on your phone.

If nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong.  The Nuts & Bolts Rally is about getting lost, using your long neglected wits and scraping into the finish line with your vehicle in tatters and a wild grin smeared across your grubby face.  Neither you nor your car will ever be the same again.

Our entries open almost 7 months prior to the rally. Book your leave now! You might just miss out on that wtf moment.  (wtf – what the frikkadel)

Yes. Over-all winner, Best dressed, Most money raised, Worst sh!t luck. (These prizes will be determined by means of a ballade vote taken by all participants, except for the most money raised of course)

Cancellations made three months prior to the rally, can receive 50% back. After that unfortunately no money will be refunded. Money cannot be transferred to the next year.

Yes. There are these guys called “Hotel & Spa”.  They will hold your hand, let you come in a big car, and not give a sh!t about how much you raise for charity. Why not give them a call?

Nuts and Bolts Rally
Cheque Account: 62655024463
Branch Code: 250655 (Malmesbury)

Mail your proof of payment to