Why do we raise funds for charity?

Evil only triumphs when good men, women and children do nothing.

The Nuts & Bolts Rally is a metaphor for the journey that many charities often endure. The journey is difficult, unpredictable, challenging, never embarked upon alone or as an individual, yet rather with the help and support of others – with the firm resolve to achieve the unthinkable: To travel across some of South Africa’s most arduous roads in a cheap and old jalopy. It is for people who know that life is extremely short and who are eager to fill theirs with a spirit of goodwill, adventure, laughter and tears. It is for those who are willing to reach out and help complete strangers. It’s for those who live to create extraordinary memories while making a difference in the lives of others. It’s therefore not simply a fund raiser, but rather a life changing event for both participants and our recipient charities alike. This is why our cars are colourful, vibrant, weird and fun – an essential tool in delivering our message of overcoming the unthinkable.

Funds raised:

  • Up to date we raised R355 000 for Cancer
  • Knysna Fire Relief: Value : R150 000
  • Delivered 700 bags of feed to Williston farmers for Drought Relief. R120 000
  • Delivered 35 tons of feed to Middelpos, 37 tons to Sutherland and 35 tons to Merweville.
  • The donation of a hip replacement for someone needing urgent medical assistance.  R30 000.
  • Bought a wheelchair for someone in Kimberley
  • Donated a Heart Pacemaker.
  • Donated 11 school children, from the Tankwa, with school clothes, toileties and bedding as they have been accepted in the Ceres hostel.
  • Handed out 17 food parcels to the elderly people of Merweville. A further 11 parcels to other needy families.With WAWWA foundation
  • Donated parcels and money to Huis Mervia.
  • Donated industrial fans and Speed Queen washing machine for Huis Mervia’s laundry room.
  • Donated 30 Mattresses, 12 Walkers, and 5 sets of crutches to Aandskemering and Goue Aar Elderly Care Homes.
  • Revamped the bathroom at Aandskemering
  • Paid for an operation on a dog in Calitzdorp and donated to their charity
  • Montaqu Pass Toll House, Brandvlei Drought Fund
  • Sutherland Drought Fund R29000
  • Food parcels for 7 Farmer Families with Isuzu Club
  • Donation to a family in Vanwyksdorp that lost their house in a fire
  • Donation to Breast Cancer Support
  • Gift packs to two schools, including an overhead projector
  • Nappies and essentials for babies at Donkieskraal
  • community
  • 28 parcels to Willowmore Retirement Centre
  • Brandvlei Drought Fund
  • Parcels to Willston Drought Relief
  • Nuts and Bolts found their mascot “Nuts” Nuts was a stray dog that was rescued by Andre Stander and is now spoiled rotten.